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Obesity is one of the most prevalent health problems affecting people of all age groups. It can lead to serious health complications such as stroke, chronic heart disease, and diabetes mellitus type 2. Moreover, studies have shown that only a mere 5-10% of individuals can consistently maintain weight loss for several years despite the implementation of various lifestyle and pharmacotherapy interventions. Hence, there is a demand for newer, more effective strategies to achieve healthy weight loss. Fortunately, this is also something that Baraka has put a lot of thought and research into.

Slimexol is a soft gel capsule containing black seed oil and virgin coconut oil. The underlying idea behind it is to reduce excess fat deposits in the body by speeding up its metabolism rate and reducing your appetite to encourage a lower calorie intake. But has it worked? To find out, we must take a closer look at the two main ingredients.

A study on anti-obesity medicinal plants revealed that the use of Nigella sativa also known as black seed resulted in considerable weight loss and reduced waist circumference. Additionally, a mild reduction in fasting blood sugar, triglycerides, and low-density lipoprotein levels were observed.

Another studywhich analyzes the effects of Nigella sativa on obesity found that supplementation with black seed moderately affects the reduction of body weight, BMI (Body Mass Index), and WC (Waist Circumference). The study also found that no serious side effects resulted from the supplementation. While it should be noted that the research into the weight reducing properties of black seed is young, it has already proven to be very promising.

But the use of black seed in Baraka Slimexol is only half the story. Virgin coconut oil also plays a handy role in the pursuit of shedding weight. The medium chain fatty acids present in the oil are quickly absorbed in the intestine without being catalyzed by pancreatic enzymes. They are then carried by the portal vein into the liver where they are rapidly oxidized and turned into energy.

Medium chain fatty acids have nothing to do with fat deposits. Instead, they help decrease fat mass and body fat percentage with a non-significant increase in free fat mass. A study found that the consumption of virgin coconut oil causes a mean reduction of weight and anthropometric measurements in just four weeks. This indicates that the consumption of virgin coconut oil causes reduced body fat specifically in the abdominal area. Similarly, it does not change the lipid profile of the individual.

Hence, the consumption of Baraka Slimexol is an ideal way to shed unwanted weight and make your body less prone to the serious health complications that could result from it.

90 capsules

Black seed oil
Thymoquinone in black seed oil act as the active ingredient.
Virgin coconut oil
Medium chain fatty acids in virgin coconut oil acts as a key compound of virgin coconut oil to support weight loss.

Recommended for:
Reducing body fat, specifically abdominal body fat.
Controlling and reducing appetite.
Decreasing the absorption of dietary cholesterol.
Shelf life:
Two years
Directions for use:
Three capsules, 3 times daily, 15 minutes before meals
For quicker results, take 4 capsules at a time
For better results, use continuously for three months

GMP, HACCP, ISO 22000,ISO 14001, Halal, Fair choice

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